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Win at All Slots – Christmas Market

All Slots has created a Christmas Bonus that gives you multiple opportunities to Win at All Slots – Christmas Market in the way that suits your gambling interests and activities. Throughout the month of December you can pull out all your winning strategies and luck and add to your earnings with extra casino give-aways. Bypass the Christmas rush and collect some holiday cash when you join the Christmas Market Promo at All Slots. 

Do It Your Way

Achieving an <online casino win at the Play to Win – Christmas Market Promo at All Slots means that you’ll earn more from your gambling activities in a way that suits your individual needs and expectations. The entire month of December is devoted to enjoying holiday cheer with special free bonuses, cashback deals and free spins. Canadians will play for real money and stuff their stockings with extra fun-filled holiday-themed casino give-aways. 

The Christmas Market Promo at All Slots is open to all Canadian casino players who will collect their regular Loyalty Points from their traditional table games of blackjack, craps, baccarat and roulette, any of the single-hand or multi-hand poker variations, lotteries that include sic bo, keno, scratch card and bingo or three-reel classic slots and five-reel video slots. Those Loyalty Points turn into lucrative Christmas Coins during the December casino activities, allowing you to increase your take-home goodies with extra Christmas swag. 

You’ll be enveloped by the Christmas spirit with special prizes that are added to your regular game payouts when you join the Christmas Market at the Canadian online casino. 

Christmas Cheer

For different people, Christmas has different meanings. For some people Christmas is a purely spiritual holiday of reflection and prayer. The majority of Christmas-celebrants, however, combine the religious meanings of Christmas with a spirit of giving, family and community. The origins of the Christmas celebrations are actually pre-Christianity, rooted in the Mediterranean celebrations of the Holiday of Saturn, Saturnala, the pagan god of agriculture, and more northern winter solstice holidays. 

When the Christian Church became the dominant force in Europe they incorporated many of the merry-making aspects of these holidays into a Christian milieu. Some Christian groups saw Christmas as a time to “make merry” with good food and gifts, while others scorned this type of merrymaking and tried to divert the holiday to a more somber day of religious observance. 

Human nature, it seems, propels people towards the lighter type of festivities, allowing the merrymaking celebrants to dominate Christmas celebrations around the world. Today Christmas is observed by most as a time of fun-filled merriment and gift-giving. 

Christmas Market

All Slots Casino joins Christmas festivities with a satisfying promotion. Regardless of whether you’re a beginning or advanced player, you play for high stakes or low stakes or gamble on your PC or mobile device, you’ll enjoy multiple opportunities to add extra casino give-aways to your existing casino earnings and bonuses. 

As you play any of your preferred games you continue to accrue your regular casino Loyalty Points. During December however, every Loyalty Point becomes redeemable for a Christmas coin.  Throughout December you can redeem those coins for cashback deals, free bonus credits or free spins.  If you redeem enough coins you can collect some of each! 

Stuff your Sock

Once you accrue your coins you’ll be invited to take your coins to the Christmas market. You’ll come home with Christmas bonuses! The coins allow you to stuff your sock with casino gifts. Your coins include both Loyalty Point coins earned during December as well as coins that you can exchange for Loyalty Points that were earned before December. This means that, if you have Loyalty Points sitting in your account when the December bonus promotion begins, you can also use those points for your December Christmas promo prizes. These coins add up so you can buy presents for yourself or treat your friends and relatives to some extra presents.

The more you play the more coins you’ll earn for the Christmas Market in this bonus fun. 


Play to Win – Christmas Market Promo at All Slots prizes include free bonus credits, cashback bonuses and free spins.

If you decide to buy Free Bonuses or Cashback bonuses you’ll be able to add one bonus to one game deposit, one at a time. You’ll purchase the bonus with your Christmas coins prior to your deposit. Once you make your deposit you’ll receive your bonus. The corresponding number of Loyalty Points will then be subtracted from your Loyalty Point total. 

If you purchase Free Spins you can use those free spins on popular casino slots on your PC or mobile. Christmas free spins slots include the Avalon, Bridesmaids, Immortal Romance, Santa’s Wild Ride or Secret Santa video slots. For 250 coins you receive $10 of free spins; for 1200 coins you receive $15 of free spins and for 4000 coins you receive $20 of free spins. 

To redeem your Christmas coins, tally your accumulated Loyalty Points and click on the bonus that you wish to collect to exchange the Loyalty Points for coins. You can then go shopping at the casino’s Christmas Market. 

Boxing Day Draw

The Christmas Bonus fun increases once Christmas Day arrives. The Christmas Market closes but you can use your accumulated Christmas Bonus Points to enter the $25,000 Boxing Day Draw.   

You earn a Boxing Day Draw ticket every time that you purchase a Bonus. Exchange your coins for free bonus credits, cashback bonuses or free spins and collect a Draw ticket together with your bonus. All of your tickets will then be entered into the Boxing Day Draw, to be held on Boxing Day, December 26th. Within 48 hours of the Draw you’ll learn how much of the $25,000 you’ve won.  

Prizes include cash bonuses ranging from $5 to $1000 in casino credits.

The All Slots Casino Win at All Slots – Christmas Market fills up your stockings with Christmas cheer and Christmas give-aways.