Thunderstruck II

Over 1000 years ago Viking warriors landed on Canada’s shores. No one knows exactly how long they stayed, but their message of proud strength is something that Canadians have taken to heart. The Vikings sailed back to their homeland but Canadian gamblers can now recreate Norse power and pride with the fun-filled Thunderstruck II online slots. Thunderstruck II is one of the highly favourite Canada online games. The storyline of Thunderstruck II follows the successful Thunderstruck I plot of Norse gods, principles and power.

There are multiple opportunities to win playing online slots when you play the fascinating Thunderstruck II, the sequel to Thunderstruck I. In this game Thor and the other Norse gods continue their quest as they bring the engaging world of Scandinavian mythology to the gaming screen. As the Vikings join forces with their gods, they give gamblers new opportunities to spin and create winning combinations.

Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II is a five-reel, 300 coin slot machine where you’ll find captivating symbols of Norse mythology. Thunderstruck I’s Norse gods symbols, Thor, Odin, Valkyrie and Loki reappear to guide you on your way to earning bigger and better real money prizes. Additional symbols appear in this Viking-inspired slot adventure including a real Viking ship, a gold city at the edge of the rainbow and Thor’s ever-present hammer.

While spinning, you can hear the Wild Storm wind whistling through the reels. This Wild Storm feature changes regular reels into wild reels — when this happens, wild symbols substitute for regular symbols which gives more opportunities to complete paylines. If more than one winning combination occurs on a spin that was completed due to the inclusion of the Wild Storm Bonus feature, you achieve an multiplied online casino win on every completed combination.

The Thunderstruck II Wild symbol is the Thunderstruck II Logo. The Logo substitutes for other symbols to help you create additional pay ways. If you complete a combination with a Wild, your win automatically doubles.  

Thor uses his famous hammer to dispense justice. The hammer is the Thunderstruck II scatter symbol. Two or more hammers which appear simultaneously on the reels complete scatter combinations and trigger scatter payouts. When three or more scatters emerge together on the reels, they activate the Great Hall of Spins game, creating added slots entertainment.

Bonus Games

There are four action-filled bonus games in Thunderstruck II. Playing these bonus games gives you the chance to increase your earnings. The four bonus games include: the Thor Game, the Valkyrie Game, the Loki Game and the Odin Game.

  • The Mighty Thor offers a game with 25 free spins and the Rolling Reels feature.  When a spin results in rolling reels, you’ll see winning combinations explode and disappear. As soon as the old symbols shift, new symbols move over to take their place. Now you can complete more combinations than ever. All wins that occur during the Thor bonus game pay out with a double multiplier. The multiplier then increases by one after each spin, giving you the chance to reach a total multiplier value of x5.   
  • In Norse mythology, Loki was regarded as the mischievous god. High spirits abound playing the Loki Bonus Game. You receive fifteen free spins with a random Wild Magic symbol on the third reel. When this happens, regular symbols will transform into Wilds. The Wilds then substitute for other symbols, giving you more opportunities to create winning pay ways. When your spin results in two, three, four or five Hammer icons you win a corresponding number of additional free spins. The Loki bonus game reactivates. The new number of Free Spins is added to your existing total and your new wins are added to your existing earnings.  
  • Females were highly regarded in Norse mythology. One of the strongest gods, Valkyrie, was a female god and she’s a generous god, offering ten free spins with a 5x multiplier on winning spins. If three or more Hammers emerge during the Valkyrie Game you can look forward to more free spin giveaways.
  • Odin is known as the mystical ruler of Asgard, one of the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology and home to the gods.  In the Odin game you have 20 free spins. The Wild Raven bonus feature appears randomly, triggering the transformation of random symbols into wilds which then substitute for other symbols for more opportunities to complete pay way combinations. If a Wild symbol appears during an Odin game free spin, the win is multiplied.

243 Ways to Win

Thunderstruck II is a 243 Ways to Win slots. This is a popular feature among Canadian players because it offers more opportunities than ever to complete pay ways and win payouts. 243 Ways to Win is one of the newest innovations in slots gaming technology because it frees you from worrying about the number of pay ways that you should enable. In a 243 Ways to Win game, every combination will earn a payout, regardless of whether you activated that pay way or whether the symbols appeared at the top, middle or bottom of the reel. Mathematicians note that, with this feature, the number of possible wins gives you 243 possible combinations on every spin.

The Thunderstruck II online slots takes you into an exhilarating world of Norse culture and power along with generous, real money wins.