The Quest

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Win at All Slots – The Quest Throughout November

Veteran gamers are familiar with the great monthly promotions at All Slots Casino.  It’s already November and the new promotion is out and about!  Play and win at All Slots – The Quest.  

All Slots is one of the famed online casinos having been established when online gaming was in its infancy—2000.  Today All Slots Casino leads the group of casinos that comprise Jackpot Factory.  Naturally, you can play The Quest at any of the other Jackpot Factory casinos: Wil Jack, First Web, All Jackpots, and The VIP Lounge.

The Quest

You will find yourself on the high seas.  Don’t worry; you’re not adrift on a raft.  You’ll be sailing on either of two luxury ocean liners.  One is a massive ship of Biblical proportions.  The other is smaller but no less luxurious.  On your Quest, you will encounter challenges but All Slots always provides a way to meet them!  You may visit small islands where vacationers stay in superior hotels.

All Slots Casino

As an established casino, All Slots is constantly looking for ways to make online gaming more enjoyable.  Their monthly promotions are now divided into four weekly rounds.  Here are the dates and times of the four rounds.  All times listed are for GMT.

  • Round 1 runs from November 1 at 00:01 until November 7 at 23:59.
  • Round 2 starts almost immediately.  From November 8 at 00:01 until November 14 at 23:59.
  • Round 3 runs from November 15 at 00:01 until November 21 at 23:59.
  • Round 4 starts on November 22 at 00:01and ends on November 28 at 23:59.

There is a simple reason why All Slots divides the promotion into parts.  This way, you can play one week and skip the next week if you’re too busy to play.  All Slots knows full well that its many gamers from Canada and throughout the world are busy people who may not have the time to chase a high position on a leaderboard for a full month.  All Slots wants you play at their online casino and win!  By creating monthly promotions that are effectively four one week promotions, All Slots and Jackpot Factory make it possible for everyone to win!

Qualify Anew Every Week

When you opt in to play and win at All Slots – The Quest, you receive two challenges each week.  The Quest calls these challenges “goals”.  You fulfill your goals when you accumulate promotional points.  You garner promotional points the same way you earn Loyalty Points.  Every Loyalty Point counts as a promotional point.  When you have fulfilled your goals, you will receive a bonus.  You may also win an extra bonus round.

How to Opt in

We have found in the past that gamers thought they were playing a promotion but technically were not because they had not opted in.  This is simple to do.  The screen art All Slots and the other participating casinos have invitations to play The Quest.  Simply click on one of the icons inviting you to play, choose a username, and you’re in.  The reason All Slots wants you to opt in is because they want to keep this promotion distinct from other promotions that also benefit you with bonuses.  To play and win at All Slots – The Quest, you have to opt in each week.

Promotions at All Slots

Experienced players at All Slots Casino have been there done that when it comes to learning about All Slots’ bonus munificence.  New players need to find out so we’ll explain.  The first set of bonuses you can earn at All Slots are matching deposit bonuses, a no deposit bonus, and two free cash bonuses all offered under the rubric of All Slots’ Welcome Package!  The full package has a potential value of $1630!

Another ongoing bonus structure at All Slots is the Loyalty Club.  You earn Loyalty Points whenever you wager at All Slots or any Jackpot Factory casino.  These Loyalty Points serve two valuable functions.  First, as you earn more and more Loyalty Points, you ascend the ladder, so to speak, in the Loyalty Club.  Each advance you make in the Club entitles you to more unique benefits.  The second benefit of Loyalty Points is that you can redeem them for cash bonuses.

A Giant Casino

All Slots Casino has so much to offer in addition to the monthly promotions, the Welcome Package, and the Loyalty Club.  It has over 650 games in many categories.  You get hundreds of slots, mostly five-reel slots that tell a story.  There are about 50 versions of blackjack and video poker.  You can also choose between many options at roulette.  All Slots offers parlor games, scratch cards, and much more.  When we say win at All Slots- The Quest, we also mean play and win at All Slots – the rest!