Terminator 2

Terminator 2 Online Slots

Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready for you. Are you ready for him? Whether you remember the hit Terminator movies from the 1990s or you weren’t part of this scene, you’ll love the recreation and remake with the Terminator 2 online slots. This is a slots game that will rock your screen and your world as you start to play and explore all of the many possibilities that it offers to you. You can win slots online in so many ways here and have a blast with the plot that keeps your heart racing and your hopes up – so be sure to try it out to rack up your daily online casino win.

The Terminator Theme

The movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger felt larger than life, and for good reason. The story line here is as follows. John is a boy, but the T-1000 machines know that he is going to grow up to lead a revolution against them. And for this reason, since they can see the future, they are ready to kill him now. His mom, Sarah, obviously wants to protect him and the question is if John and Sarah will win, or if the T-1000 will prevent their demise in the future. It’s a story that will hold your attention while offering free spins bonus game choices and so many great features.

Getting Started

The game was brought to the market by Microgaming with a license agreement with Studiocanal and they did a great job of keeping it authentic to the original. The game has five reels and 243 Ways to Win. This means that you can win slots online in so many ways and with many combinations. Then, in the bonus round, there are actually 1024 Ways to Win, which is an astounding amount of combinations and opportunities. The president of Studiocanal, Rand Marlis, had this to say about the new game. He said, “Working with Microgaming is a real pleasure and we look forward to a long-lasting and successful relationship.” Everyone is excited to play online casino games like this one.

Bonus Fun

Now, the real money wins can only come, of course, if you play the game for real money. You can start out in demo mode to get a feel for the Canada online slots game, but then to really get your energy flowing you should enjoy the real money game. With the free spins bonus game an extra row joins the regular ones to create the 1024 Ways to Win. This stays in place for the whole bonus round, creating so many awesome ways to win slots online. When you see the T-1000 symbol in the free spins part, you’ll see that it changes into another character and helps you to get even more wins. Now, the random T-800 feature lets the player look through the eyes of the machine and then win cash payouts. It can also trigger the free spins bonus game with just one scatter necessary. That creates a lot of fun ways to enjoy real money wins and to have a blast playing.

In the movie, Arnold says “I’ll Be Back” and he is definitely back and larger than life here. The game has bold graphics, amazing sound effects and awesome ways to play and win. The Terminator 2 online slots game offers you something for every second you play and excitement all along the way. Get in the game today and have a blast playing.