Scratch and Win

Canada Casino cards

To collect an online casino win, just sign into the All Slots Casino and collect your Scratch and Win card. Scratch…and win. Then wait until the bi-monthly draw to see if you’ve won again. That’s all there is to playing the Allslots May promotion in the Scratch and Win Contest, now running throughout the entire month.  

All Slots Promotions

No matter when you play at All Slots Casino you’re sure to find All Slots promotions that add winnings to your gambling event. If you’re a new player you have a Welcome Bonus waiting for you while if you’re a veteran gamer you can collect Loyalty Points to add no-deposit, real money gambling time to your gaming adventure. The casino offers many other types of All Slots promotions as well.

 But this May there’s a special promotion, the Scratch and Win Contest at All Slots. As you play your regular games you’ll win promotion prizes PLUS you’ll receive two chances to enter the May draws for a year of Freeplay. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a low stakes player or a high roller – everyone wins their regular game payouts and extra promotion prizes when they join the May month-long promo at All Slots.

No Deposit Promotion

You don’t have to place a deposit to participate in Scratch and Win Contest at All Slots. Start by signing into your casino account. You can sign in and play the contest on your laptop or desktop PC at the Download Casino, on a public computer terminal at the Flash Casino or on your smartphone or tablet device at the mobile casino. The promotion is accessible on all platforms for your convenience.

Select your game. You don’t even have to make a deposit to receive your first Scratch and Win card – the casino gives you your first card for free. Scratch the card and check to see if you’ve matched symbols. If you have, you win Scratch Card prizes. If you didn’t win a Scratch Card prize, don’t throw your card away because you’ll soon have another chance to compete

Promotional Periods

Throughout the month of May there are nine promotional periods and you’re entitled to receive one free card per promotional period. You can also earn one second Scratch Card during each period – a ReLoad card – via your gambling activities.

Promotional periods are:

  • May 3rd through May 5th 2015 – Round 1
  • May 6th through May 9th 2015 – Round 2
  • May 10th through May 12th 2015 – Round 3
  • May 13th through May 16th 2015 – Round 4
  • May 17th through May 19th 2015 – Round 5
  • May 20th through May 23rd 2015 – Round 6
  • May 24th through May 26th 2015 – Round 7
  • May 27th through May 30th 2015 – Round 8
  • May 31st through June 2nd 2015 – Round 9

Scratch Card Prizes

On your first, free Scratch & Win card you can win Free Spins on Avalon II if you play on a PC or on Avalon I if you play on mobile. You may also win 50 free gaming credits. All of your cards will then be entered into the Year of Freeplay Giveaway Draws for more winning possibilities.

On your Reload Scratch & Win cards you can win Free Spins on Avalon I for mobile players or Avalon II at the Download Casino. You may also win bonuses of between 5 and 50 casino credits. And again, your cards will be entered into the upcoming Year of FreePay Giveaway Draw.

Second Chance

Regardless of whether you won a Scratch and Win prize on your scratch card, all of your cards are eligible to be entered into the Year of FreePlay giveaway draws, scheduled for May 17th and June 3rd. If you played casino games during every promotional period, you have a possible 18 cards to enter into the draw, giving you plenty of opportunities to win the Draws.

The Year of FreePlay  is exactly that! If you win the draws you’ll receive 100 free gaming credits every month for the next year – 1200 free credits in all. So, if you win, for the next year, you will be able to play real money games every month without depositing wagers. Free wins! Five lucky winners will be chosen for a year of freeplay during each draw.

Game Options

The Scratch and Win ReLoad cards are won by playing any of the casino’s games. Regardless of your gaming preferences, any preferred gambling activity will earn you Scratch and Win cards.

The casino offers a wide range of game options for beginning and veteran players, high-stakes and low-stakes gamers and players who are looking for games that match any of their interests or fantasies. All Slots gamblers have their choice of any of the hundreds of game alternatives with game options that include both American and European roulette, baccarat, craps, sic bo, scratch card, keno, bingo, and both three-reel and five-reel slot machines. There are also dozens of poker and blackjack variations at the casino for single-player or multi-player gaming entertainment.

Gaming Modes

All of the casino games are featured in both the Free Mode and the Real Mode. If you want to take some time to explore a game, better learn its rules and try out different strategies and techniques, play it first in the Free Mode for free. When you feel ready to play for real money prizes, move over to the Real Mode and play for real.

Playing the Scratch and Win Content gives you a chance to add to your regular game earnings while you enjoy a fun-filled casino promotion of fun, excitement and real money wins.