Pharaoh’s Treasure

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The month of June is a time for new beginnings, and it’s also the time for monthly promotions at All Slots Casino. You can play the Pharaoh’s Treasure – All Slots promotion simply by visiting the Pharaoh’s Treasure page, filling in your user name, and clicking on the button that says “unlock my treasure.” And that’s all you have to do to win a prize, if you qualify. And all you have to do to qualify is to play two different casino games with at least 10 bets each. If you play 2-5 games with at least 10 bets, you get to open one treasure chest. If you play 6-10 games with at least 10 bets, you get to open two treasure chests. And if you play 11 games or more with the right number of bets, you get to open three treasure chests. Every treasure chest is a winner, so it’s in your interest to open as many as possible. You get 8 chances throughout June, with the entire month divided into 8 distinct play periods. How many treasure chests you get to open depends on how many games you played in the previous play period.

Win Cash Prizes Online

If you qualify to play the Pharaoh’s Treasure – All Slots promotion, you are sure to win one of three possible prizes. You can win up to 25 free spins at popular slots games like Avalon, Terminator II, or Golden Princess. You might get anywhere between 5 and 100 playing credits. Or you might get double the loyalty points you’d get playing the featured games. The free spins and playing credits offer instant gratification – they save you money and could lead to unpredictable and exciting rewards. But the loyalty points stay with you for much longer and help you achieve a higher ambition. With enough loyalty points, you can earn an invitation to the VIP Lounge, where the biggest and most important players get pampered as much as possible, including special gifts and offers that are unavailable to other players. So each treasure chest is a good opportunity to build on what you’ve earned. Best of all, it’s a bonus you receive simply for playing the games you love, and possibly for trying out new games you had your eye on for a while but never actually tried out. The more games you play, the more treasure chests you get to open.

Win Playing Online Casino Promotions

The best way to win at the Pharaoh’s Treasure promotion is to take advantage of the numerous play periods. By qualifying for each of the eight play period, you get to open the maximum number of treasure chests, and have fun playing your favourite games to get there. Once a play period is finished, the chance to qualify to open the treasure chests associated with it is gone, and so are the potential free spins, playing credits, or loyalty points that would have come your way. It’s also smart to make a point to try new games this month because the promotion is directly related to the number of different games you play. So there is no reason from holding back from that new game you’ve been eyeing for months. If you’ve always wondered how a particular new slots feature would work, this is the month to find out through direct experience. Playing more games may also help you find games that quickly become favourites that you might want to return to over and over. So Play the Pharaoh’s Treasure – All Slots promotion, get a prize, and maybe discover something new and exciting.