Passport to Riches

Play Passport to Riches at All Slots

Anyone with a little gaming experience knows All Slots casino is a quality site which brings you some of the best thrill rides in the online casino industry. All Slots is a trusted company which provides the best entertaining games, updates itself with new one’s regularly, and best of all appreciates it’s customers so much so it dishes out amazing offers to those who return. Now, just in time for the July stretch the gaming giant has announced it’s newest All Slots monthly contest: the Play Passport to Riches – All Slots offer.

It’s a truly remarkable voyage through different countries where every day you play, you receive a new stamp in your passport and a chance to win $20,000 by the end of your journey. Now that’s a great reward for frequent mileage, even if you haven’t actually gone anywhere in reality. At the end of the day you’ve hopefully gained the funds to pick a real destination on the map and take that much needed vacation you deserve. The Passport to Riches offer is the prerequisite for racking up the real frequent flyer mileage because the more you play the easier it will be to qualify for the big drawings and a chance to claim part of the pot.

Two Major Drawings

When it comes to bonuses there’s several to take note of. For instance, over the course of just over a month two major drawings will take place with that sizable jackpot of $20,000 hanging in the balance. Nevertheless, it all depends on how many games you played over the course of the month because the more you play the better chances you have at making a winning statement. The drawings will take place July nineteenth and August second, which leaves plenty of time to virtually hop on the online casino flight, skip town, and do some dollar sign sightseeing with one goal in mind: being eligible for these drawings.

The simple fact about Passport to Riches at All Slots is that everyone wins and you will no doubt find yourself in a much better place after you’ve won a few rounds here and there. You’ll walk away feeling on top of the world and when you’re on that winning high it may feel like truly flying around the world!

Souvenir Bonuses

Playing the Passport to Riches at All Slots casino offer doesn’t only mean racking up tons of virtual mileage. Each time you get stamped you’ll have an opportunity to win money based on the number of stamps. For example, for two to three stamps  it could be up to fifty dollars, for four to six it could be up to one hundred dollars, and for seven stamps up to one hundred and fifty dollars. That’s a potential total of sixteen hundred and thirty dollars for putting in the effort which is why everyone wins when they play! Meanwhile, every second and fourth weekly passport stamp activates free spins and extra points on many of All Slots casino’s most popular games.

Overall, part of your success will depend on depositing at least fifty dollars a week and getting your virtual Passport to Riches passport stamped at least once a day. If you manage two stamps a day be ready for some amazing bonuses and other souvenirs. What this all boils down to is whether you win free spins or some other kind of bonus the All Slots casino Passport to Riches campaign brings you as far as you could possibly go around the world without having to leave the comfortable atmosphere provided by your own home. It brings the excitement to your doorstep so you can feel like a king in your castle.