Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Online Slots – The Benefits Are Just a Few Clicks Away!

Do you love the jungle? Do you enjoy fantasy movies? Do you aspire to constantly feel the rush, the thrill and the excitement produced by great music, wonderful graphics and ongoing rewards? Well, there is an answer for you! The best of all online casino games is now available for you and you can have it all in one single spot!

The best of all gambling features are virtually guaranteed at this Canada’s favourite online slots! With the ability to win up to $95,000.00 in pure credits to your casino account, Scatters all along that give you not only Free Spins but a VARIETY of free spins to choose from, WILD symbols that make new winnings out of nothing and more and more wonderful things!

So if you’re looking for a wonderful combination, between the best of all gambling with the greatest graphics and animation… you can be sure to find it here! Now!

Tell me all about the Benefits! What and How Much Can I get?

Your potential for a good sized online casino win is virtually unlimited! Bonuses and rewards are all around and you can make the most out of them! So let’s figure out together what there is for you on Jurassic Park Online Slots.

The alert of the T Rex

A feature which is unique to our game! Gaining the T – Rex Alert will benefit you with an activation of “alert mode”. Once the “alert mode” is activated, your chances to win increase dramatically since you gain (behold!) 35 extra WILDs which appear on all five reels! Extraordinary!


Joker? Created Wins out of nowhere? More ways to win? Here our WILD symbol is the star! WILD is probably one of the most favoured symbols of them all since it has the unique feature of taking “two of a kind” symbols that practically can award you with NO payouts and simply by serving as substitute (to ALL symbols on the reels, except the Scatter one) create you a three of a kind. This “joker” symbol lets you win more credits to your payline and have an ability to deposit more on subsequent spins. WILD can similarly produce a “four of a kind” and a “five of a kind” by appearing next to already “paying – out” symbols. In addition to that, WILD can payout with fine amounts of up to 400.00 credits. This amount is gained by having three to five WILDs on the reels. Enjoy!


Who doesn’t like some freedom? Gambling more and more, winning more and more… and yet… not having to deposit even a single coin. With this bonus you can have more credits to use for more spins and not risk anything.

So that is our Scatter symbol. Scatter is the one that by appearing on three, four or five reels can produce you Free Spins of your choice. Moreover, Scatter does not only give you an opportunity for future payouts but serves as a credit – rewarding of its own. A few Scatters on the reels will payout immediately for you. And if all of that is still not enough for you… your wins are multiplied by total stack. Prepare yourself! 

Free Spins and the Free Spins Choice

To play online games really pays off when you abruptly win a free spin. Luckily, this is quite of a common phenomenon here at Jurassic Park. So besides your free gained credits previously discussed, at this game you have no less than 5 different forms of free spins to choose from. Let’s go over them together.

Method #1 – The Velociraptor

Velociraptor method contains WILD multiplier and a WILD split. 12 Free Spins are gained and your WILD will be splitting into 2 in order to create more (and better) combinations for you to win. Multipliers can be bounced as 4X, 5X and 6X and the Free Spins feature is stacked!

Method #2 – The Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex method contains the opportunity to receive a T – REX bonus during the Free Spins. In addition to that, Free Spins feature is stacked!

Method #3 – The Tricerators

Tricerators method contains Free Spins with Running WILDs. With Free Spins going on, the WILD stack grows by WILD – per – reel. In addition to that, Free Spins feature is stacked!

Method #4 – The Bachiosaurus

Bachiosaurus method contains MYSTERY MULTIPLIER. 12 Free Spins are gained, and all wins shall be multiplied: either 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X or 6X (but either way, they will be multiplied!). The MYSTERY MULTIPLIER feature will also award you with a random number of spins WHICH CAN BE RETRIGGERED. In addition to all of these treats… Free Spins feature is stacked!

Method #5 – The Dilophsaurus

Dilophsaurus method contains Winning WILDS. 12 Free Spins are gained, and Dilophsaurus can turn the random position of WILD while WILD can still be held and contribute to any of the wins furing the game. Last but not least, Free Spins feature is stacked!

Varying Symbols Vary in Payouts

If so far you thought that all symbols payout the same, you better think again! From now on you have a great reason to smile when Jurassic Park symbol or a beautiful firefly appear on your reels. Not only they will give you the best of benefits but also you will enjoy credits arriving to your payline. This rule applies to all symbols on the reels. Each of them will payout differently and it is your challenge to figure out what pays best for you!