Golden Princess

Golden Princess Online Slots

Gold, royalty, fame, success… The best of the best any person could wish for himself… Wonderful music with great animations and princess all around to let you feel you are the king. When one needs to pick out of all Canada’s favourite online casino games it is crystal clear the automatic choice would be Golden Princess.

At Golden Princess, royalty comes with gambling to let you feel the thrill and win more and more. Being able to win up to $65,000, gain up to 50 Fee Spins, have Stacked WILDs during the game, Scatter symbols and the best of all – 3X multiplier – it is no surprise this game is constantly being rated as the top one of all other casino games!

Join today and let yourself dive into the experience, ’cause there is nothing like it online! 

What makes a Gambling Game Total Fun…?

It has been figured out already that the fine combination between the spark of uncertainty and curiosity, combined with a partial sense of control can create a highly unique atmosphere that makes it all look completely different. So, what is it about Golden Princess online slots that will let YOU feel a real difference in the game?

First Of All, Betting amounts

It is up to you to decide how much you want to gamble. It is completely fine to be a bit insecure at first and decide to bet just a little bit. As time goes on, you can raise your amounts and move on from the minimum (1 coin, with 0.01 coin size) all the way up to the max (10 coins and 0.5 coin size). Same applies vice versa. It is fine if you feel you have taken enough risk lately, if you just want to cool things down. The + and – button are there just for this purpose so you can adjust the amounts.

Betting Lines

Want to spice things up a little bit? The regular form of gambling is not exciting enough for you? That’s cool! In order to enjoy true real money online casino wins, it is totally understood you would want to change the game every now and then. And you can! Simply press on some lines – numbers on the bar, select those you want to bet upon (you can always choose the lines – number form the buttons at the bottom of the screen, of course, or eliminate already chosen lines if you want) and add some flavor to the game!

One way or another, at this best of all online casino games, you can be completely sure The Power is in Your Hands! 

So! Getting to the Juicy Part! REWARDS!

Well, with all the respect to your power and gambling options… what could be more exciting than winning things for free or being able to deposit again and again simply ’cause the game has decided to benefit you dearly? If you ask me – nothing!

Scatter – Expand Your Options!

The Scatter is highly unique for giving you variable sorts of benefits. That symbol, by the way is the only one unreplaceable on the reels (by the WILD symbol, meaning). Once you gladly receive 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols you get to enjoy No Less Than 30, 40 and even 50 FREE SPINS respectively! A HUGE amount of spins in which you can gain more credits (to deposit with later on and gain more spins) and yet, not deposit at all during this process. How Lucky Are You? In addition to that, during the Free Spins bonus gained at this game, when Scatters appear once more you get to enjoy the 10X multiplier of your original bet amount! And if all of that is not enough, Scatter is one the highest paying–out symbols on the reels! (Go out and celebrate…)

Free Spins

So, Free Spins are virtually your free ticket to have more and more, and give back less and less. 30, 40 and even 50 Free Spins can be easily rewarded to you by the already explained wonderful Scatter symbol. Now what was not told you earlier is that during the Free Spins themselves you have the option of gaining up to 125,000 credits to your own account! Moreover, at Golden Princess, once more, the power is in your hands! You can easily decide WHEN you want the Free Spins to start since you get to press on a box appearing on the screen the moment you want the bonus to get going. During the spins, the control goes on with WIN and TOTAL WIN boxes that let you know exactly how much you have won, specifically at the last spin, and over-all in general. The Free Spins also have a Stacked WILD benefits feature, letting you enjoy so much more, and at the end of all this party a great CONGRATULATIONS sign will greet you and let you know exactly how much you have, after the multiplier and the overall bonuses. Fun, fun fun!!!


It is time to run wild with this game! So, if you ever thought that having two adjacent and identical symbols on your reels cannot reward you with extra credit, you better think again! When WILD takes place you can be confident the results will change. Why? Because the WILD symbol has the characteristics of a joker and when it is next to two identical symbols it can serve as a substitute (of any symbol on the reels excluding the Scatter) and then you will get your Three of a Kind. Similarly, four of a kind and five of a kind can be produced and the payout is all yours!