Big Kahuna Online Slots

If you are fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii, you will see the word Kahuna everywhere — from Kahuna tires to Kahuna burgers to the Kahuna Mall and countless other things named Kahuna. But there is only one Big Kahuna Online Slots. And you do not have to travel to Hawaii to experience it.

Online Slot players are always looking for the best slot games to play. Though Big Kahuna Online Slots was released in 2004, it still continues to be players’ game of choice. There is a saying in Hawaii: “Hawai’i no ka oi, Hawaii is the best. ” And the same holds true for Big Kahuna Online Slots. You will not find another slot game like it.

In ancient Hawaii, the Kahuna was the chief priest. There were over forty kinds of Kahunas. Hawaiian legend says that all these Kahunas will reappear one day, except there will be forty-one Big Kahunas. The forty-first is the Big Kahuna Online Slots. Until that day arrives, Canadians can play Big Kahuna Online Slots on their PC, tablet or smartphone.

Big Kahuna Slots was developed by Microgaming. It will provide players with the most tropical and exotic game in the online gaming industry. Along with five reels and nine paylines, players have many ways of receiving winning combinations. Big Kahuna Online Slots has some fantastic features which include a wild symbol, multipliers, scatter pays and two types of bonus features. Through all of these different ways of winning, players will confidently walk away with some money in their pockets.

The symbols are lush, and the sounds enhance the gaming experience. The six delicious fruits, as colourful as they are succulent, spin about the five reels. Their local gecko friend joins them with their other pal; a grinning monkey joins the group. They all have the aloha spirit wanting you to know that all is well in paradise. 

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Big Kahuna logo is the Wild, which can replace all other symbols to create a winning combination apart from the Scatter. If you can get five Wilds, you will win an eight thousand dollar bonus multiplied by the amount you put on the winning line. 

The monkey is the Scatter, and he is eager to be your friend. For the most part, symbols pay from left to right. But this one exceptional monkey pays in every position. At least two monkeys are needed to trigger a payout. And not like other slots where the Scatter symbol takes you to the bonus game. In the Big Kahuna slots bonus, the Volcano and mask symbols will transfer you there. 


To start your holo-holo (island tour) experience, determine how much you are prepared to wager. The number of coins, lines you play and wager can be changed. One cent is the lowest bet per line, and five dollars is the maximum. Big Kahuna online slots are one of Microgaming’s online slots games that do not extend a progressive jackpot though there are so many other ways to an online casino win. After you have decided the amount you would like to bet, give the reels a spin and see what the gods have in mind for you! 

Big Kahuna Slots Bonus

The Volcano Bonus and the Mask Bonus are the two Big Kahuna Slots Bonus features. Players are required to get a minimum of three Volcano symbols on an active payline to activate the Volcano Bonus. 

Looking at times can be deceiving. As peaceful as it may seem, the danger of a volcano eruption can occur at any time. Three volcanoes emerge on the reels. Suddenly the locals’ worst nightmare comes to fruition as the volcano starts to rumble! The Chief and his flock of counsellors hurry to see what they can do to avoid a major calamity. They know they are up a creek without a paddle.

Ancient Hawaiian legends say that only a courageous tourist can calm the volcano. Since you are the only tourist around, you have been selected to confront the volcano heroically and are taken by the Big Kahuna Online Slots to the Volcano Bonus!  The trade winds blow from the blue Pacific Ocean. A tropical storm hails down buckets of rain as thunder roars. The local wahines (women) do the hula to appease the gods. The chief charges that it is all up to you alone and that you must pacify the volcano goddess by offering it a single fruit. You must choose akamai (wisely) from all the fruits that are at your disposal. You decide and to everyone’s deepest appreciation the volcano is appeased. You are rewarded genuinely with many flower leis (garlands). Nonetheless, everyone now realizes that the volcano is not inactive anymore. 

The second Big Kahuna slots bonus game is the most popular. In the second bonus, players get to pick from an assortment of ten Tiki masks. Players keep on choosing masks until a collection sign is discovered. This bonus Mask game is activated when players get at least three mask symbols in a payline. Any way the coconut falls, Big Kahuna online slots for Canadians can be very lucrative.

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